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Marriage Equality in Australia | Lulu-Ele

It's 2017 and the Australian Government are still debating on weather or not the should allow same sex marriage. Why are we still so far behind and don't seem anywhere close to catching up with the rest of the world? Australia's stubborn refusal to allow all individuals the right to marry is becoming increasing frustrating for most of the Australian community. 

In Australia, 72% of the population support Marriage Equality, so why haven't our leaders acted? Now is the time to stand up for fair and equal rights for all by letting our leaders know that we demand Marriage Equality. I feel like half of the the issue here is(and I really don't mean to discriminate) the baby boomer generation of our nation seem to be what's holding us back. Not all of them of course but if people that were 16/17 could also vote I very much think they  we would have a YES almost immediately.

I think this unbinding, non-compulsory plebiscite is pretty much a demeaning insult to LGBTI huma…

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